I would bet that a majority of Americans, or anywhere else in the world, are mismatched in their lives between what they do and what they should be doing. Now if you believe there is one True God and He actually made you, just like the Bible tells us in Jeremiah, Psalm and a few other books found in the Bible, then you should wonder what for. And there is a reason you and I are here today- or anyone else as well.

Now every person has at least one talent. Some have more than one, but everyone is able to do something. But it is more than talent with God. He has plans for your life. You see your talents can get you by, earn you a living, and help you do things. But to do something besides what you know how to do and to be doing something that causes you to come out of your comfort zone and make you have to be dependent on God will make a big difference in God really doing His will in your life.

You see, if you are a real good mechanic and really excel in working on cars or such, that is because you have talent that God can use as well. But if you become a political person, you’d have to have God do it, and that is the greater place His will can show up. That is God’s gift, to have Him work from a weak area of your life and cause you to have great influence for Him. That gets God the glory, and that is the will of God.

Search daily for God to have His way in your weakness for His greatness.


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