It will start out just like most others do; people will be preparing and going about their usual business. Some may sense something different, something that seems to be in the air…but most won’t.

When suddenly, just like the Bible has always said: in the twinkling of an eye, those that have been faithful to God and placed their entire life into His Son, Jesus, will suddenly be gone.

There will be such a great panic among people all over the world. People’s hearts will fail them, and there will be in-depth explanations given for what has happened (probably some kind of extraterrestrial excuse), but some will know different.

But now the problem is for the ones left, and especially those that really know why they were left. They thought they were alright with God- that they believed in Jesus- but now have really come to the realization that they never knew Him. They’ll know that what now lays ahead will not be easy, and probably fatal, if they’re to join the others that are now gone.

Some will have quickly bought into the lie that these people were removed by some alien nonsense, and that we need to move on. The shock will be massive at first, and many will never recover from it.

On that last day, where will Jesus find you when He comes? At the store, church, a casino, at work, doing something you shouldn’t? Or will you be ready because you are without a doubt secure, not because of what someone told you or what you think you know, but because you really do know Jesus.

By the way, pay close attention. That day is just around the corner now.


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