A young pastor and his wife start a church with eleven people. It is small and in a very bad and run down part of town. But by the grace of God, it grows. The people that come aren’t wealthy as much as they were needy. And God blesses, and there needs to be a little bigger church. So they change locations.

As the years pass, the church again has grown with the people of all colors and races, backgrounds and struggles. And the church has remained faithful. Now they are offered an opportunity to purchase an old school that has the greatest opportunities to have a large sanctuary and build a Christian school in the heart of an area that needs such a place.

As God opens doors, the church again grows and the school begins to prosper. The church has to move out of the school and build a building next door. Then one day the economy goes into a tail spin. The church, like others, experiences difficult economic times. It is hard to make ends meet. So the church needs to sell off their old property. But with the depressed economy, there are few buyers.

The church remains faithful with their creditors. Eventually there is an offer to buy the old property. The amount is not enough to pay off the total debt. Yet the bank says, “Your property needs to sell,” so the church does.

A few days later their banker calls and says they want to look at the rest of their property that is left. He shows up and walks around the grounds and tells the pastor and his wife that they have been faithful and he can see how God has blessed. The banker says, “We need to go to your office and sign some papers because your church still owes the bank $323,000.” The pastor says that he understands. When they sit down in the pastor’s office, the banker says, “Sign on this line of these papers and I will sign the other side and when you do this the bank is going to forgive all the debt.” The pastor explains, “But what about our credit?” The banker replies, “We already sent a letter to the appropriate agencies declaring that with us you have a triple AAA rating. Your work here is proof of that.”

Never underestimate the supernatural power of God in any situation, at any place, at any time. “Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the lord their hope and confidence.” Jeremiah 17:7.



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