You can actually change your situations or how you get through them if there was prayer involved.

People could actually have a happier, sacrificial life if only they would let God work with them through prayer.

Many heartaches and regrets, things people wished they’d not done, could be avoided in prayer.

How much better could prayer have helped you that day?

Somehow God seemed to get my attention about just how serious He takes our prayers regardless of our knowledge of prayer and wants to transform our lives through prayer.

My journey began, and I have to say from there I’ve never been the same. I had a hunger to study prayer learning to journal my prayers, trying to understand how to talk to God.

And through this ongoing process, my life has never been dull but seems to be constantly revolving.

There’s a connection in prayer between God and mankind that cannot be made any other way than prayer.

I’ve always noticed in anyone’s life story that’s done something great for God that these people who had little talent became giants in prayer.

From any area- whether healing evangelist, crusade revivalist, great church movers, church reformers, or great missionaries- they all had the same common factor in their lives: their faith in God to answer prayer.

I believe nothing is ever built worth having in this world unless it’s built for God’s Kingdom purposes.

So many people today miss so much- especially Christians- because they do not know the real power of prayer.

Many problems people have had to experience could have easily been solved by prayer.

The very prayers of others have been life-changing events or ways of protection all because somebody knew how to pray.


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