Recently I was in a town that had a population of over 490,000 people. I was told that the churches in this city, here in the United States, had done a survey just recently trying to find out just how many people attend a church during the week. The results that came back showed only about 84,000-88,000. That is only around 15% of the total city. And this is people who attend church. It doesn’t mean that they’re all truly born again people. This is very common in our land today.

In Acts 8, there is a story of a man named Simon who wanted to believe that Jesus was the Son of God and actually confessed it and was baptized. Yet Simon was never truly born again because in verse 18 and on he began to offer money to get God’s power, and he was called wicked by Philip and Peter, and that sin still held Simon captive.

Becoming a real Christian goes a lot deeper than most people that go in and out of church want to commit to. They want the privilege of God but are not willing to let go of themselves or other things that really are holding them back from being born again. They are not truly repenting for their sins.

Let’s be honest. America would not be in the moral shape it is in if all those Christians were living as the Bible says a Christian should.

America’s greatest need is spiritual help from our big cities to our small towns. We all need to take a serious examination of where our true faith lies this day.



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