All people have those enemies in some form who they struggle with. Some can be pretty serious foes and others just antagonizing. They all have some effect on us. Now, of the serious nature, these pestering enemies can do much more damage than others; drugs and alcohol are enemies you can see. Others like lying, stealing, fornication, adultery, slandering, and un-forgiveness can be covered up more. But they are still an enemy of God.

There is nothing ever covered up with God. He sees your enemies and knows if you are allowing them to have their way in your life. He will always try to help you, but many refuse or are so caught up in sin that they can’t recognize His help.

The Bible tells of the account in the book of Joshua where a man name Achan, who along with others, was told not to take any items from a battle they fought in Jericho. But Achan did, and he hid these things inside his home. But God knew this and brought great judgment on all the people until Achan was found out. Then it cost him his life. But Achan had already been responsible for 36 others dying.

Today across the land there are those who have sinful things in their lives, in their homes, and in their hearts that they won’t deal with; and it is hurting not just them, but others.

You can never defeat your enemies, no matter what or who they are, until you allow God to help you. Today examine yourself in all areas. Get rid of those hidden things that are causing someone else other than God to have his way, and God will remove it and help you.


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