There once was, several years ago, a fine Christian man who had tuberculosis. He was poor and had suffered with sickness for a long while. There were people who would help him and his family, and the man was grateful. He wanted badly to return the favor for their kindness. Finally the only way the Christian man could think of to repay others was to pray for them.

The man was a Godly soul and a friend of God. So he began to pray fervently for a local merchant who had been so kind to help his family and the church that had reached out and helped as well. One day the merchant felt his great need for a Savior and accepted Jesus as his Lord.

Over a period of time the man passed away from this life into the glorious life of heaven. Soon afterwards revivals began to break out in local churches as God began to move upon the people.

This revival became very powerful in the region and many were saved from darkness to life. A minister later on visited the home of the man who had been so sick and poor and was now in heaven. The minister in talking to the man’s wife was shown a diary from her husband. As the minister read, there were again and again prayers for the lost that had been saved at those revivals, and also for every church where each one had experienced an outpouring of God upon them. There were even mission works that had also experienced this great revival move of God.

Even a man so poor and feeble in body had such power with God that his very prayer moved the hearts of many, and so can you. Your position on earth means nothing unless you have a position with God, and that is where the authority is.


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