Years ago, and in some places still today, wine was stored in skins made, especially with new skins, so they can expand as the wine is brewing and fermenting from grape juice. Now if old wineskins have stored wine before, they’ve already been expanded and stretched to their max. If someone put too much new wine in an old skin, it could burst and the contents would be lost. So new wine, in some places, is made and transported in skins today or canvases.

The Bible in the Old and New Testaments speaks of wineskins and their use and examples of what can happen when not properly prepared. In one place, like Matthew 9:17, this very type of thing is mentioned. Yet the point to be made is the fact that people, themselves, must be able to stretch in their walk with God.

Now God doesn’t change, just like the wine doesn’t. But with seasons and time periods, God chooses, at times, new methods, but not the ingredients. Some fight change, while others embrace it.

There are many changes going on right now and most are going to bust open something. God expects more from those who claim they’re Christians. And if they’re not willing to be more pliable, then what did they do with the old wineskins?

Which kind of wineskin are you for God? People can be fooled by looks but God knows the contents.


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