I have found, and I think most people who have attended church for awhile would have to agree, that music is one of the touchiest areas of many squabbles in the church.  Maybe it has always been that way but I’d rather believe it is something that has risen to the forefront since about the late 1970’s, but has really mushroomed out beginning in the late 1980’s. Since then it has caused, for some churches, much difficulties in making adjustments to worship services.

There is no easy solution.  What we have done, in some cases, is separate the young too much from the older ones.  At times letting each have their own type of service.  But when we’ve come together there has been a few emotional thoughts shared that has caused one side or the other to be opposed toward the other’s style of music.

There is no question that music in the church is only second to the sermon, and sometimes, in some churches, it leans in on that as well.  Churches have split over music styles and choices.  Music has been used as a tool to work up the audiences.  It is obvious that there has been a real disconnect when people in your church, under 38, don’t even recognize most hymns of the church which are just as important as their chorus’s.

Everything good has its place in the kingdom of God’s work and we must learn to adapt with a Godly attitude or the change won’t bring honor to God.  We must remember there was an angel who was removed from heaven because he, as the worship leader, wanted to turn the worship program his way.  And now today Satan gives us all trouble.  Let it not be so nor give in to his ways in your church.



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