Never forget what God has done for you. Sometimes we have to be reminded where we’ve been to get a clear look at where we are going, because no matter where it is, no matter what you’re headed into, God has made the provisions you’ll need.

Revelation 2:17 lets us know that God still provided for His people from start to finish. God provided manna for His people in Exodus and still provides it for today, but it needs to be fresh. We can’t live on yesterdays past. So we need God every day. Every day the people needed new manna to survive for that day. You’ll never stay fresh enough in the Kingdom of God.

You can’t grow much, or for long, on yesterday’s provisions. God wants to give us something fresh every day and we need to get out and find what it is and move forward or we will miss many of God’s assignments. God has many plans for our lives and who knows what a day holds but Him? Now you can be assured that Jesus has made all the provisions you’ll ever need to make a difference not just in your life, but in many others around you.

God has provided for us to do something great for Him. Life here is not at all about you, it is all about Him. Far too many Christians waste the precious time God gives them on themselves. Re-evaluate your life. Just what are you really doing to see the world, or this area, your town, changed for the cause of Christ?

We all need Spiritual manna every day, and there is only one source to find…start at God’s Word. Your obedience to live that Word out will cause changes to happen. Time is running out for your family, your friends, this town, your neighbors and the world. Don’t you want to know what God wants to do with your life before it is over?


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