If you live in the places where tornadoes come and go, your local city usually has some type of siren warning system that sounds off that there could be an approaching danger.

Most of us have heard these now and then, and it generally gets our attention pretty quick, and most spring into some kind of action to prepare for an approaching dangerous storm.

On a much larger scale, today we have another approaching storm like no one has ever experienced before; a day some have heard about but are paying little attention to the types of sirens that are going off. From economic instability to shocking cultural changes to religious factions that have such hate for others that they will go to any lengths to destroy others they despise.

This world is not as safe of a place as it was 50 years ago. Our society and morality is eroding. People have agendas and will steal, lie or destroy anyone who gets in their way. Trust is becoming less and less at all levels of life. We are in a time of extremes, and life in America is especially reflective of these changes.

While all the time, the sirens sound telling us something is soon approaching and with every little storm a bigger one looms on the horizon. Jesus told the people in Matthew 16:3, “You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.”


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