Far too many Americans today are consumed with their own needs. In fact, in the whole world the numbers are few of those who really are concerned with what God deserves and what they want. People make more money to buy more fun. People daily rob God of the offerings that are rightfully His just so they can enjoy the good life, and so they put everything else ahead of the Kingdom of God. Yet all those things they are investing in will soon be gone, one way or the other.

The many things that most people think they have to have actually have them. They’re tied to payment after payment. They’re so obligated to things and other people that they have nothing left. Some believe in giving to God, but it is only a cheap handout to what anyone actually owes to God. You breathe His air, you eat His food. People rob His creation of its natural resources to build their own empires or build their homes and futures. They enjoy animals that were created by God and drive automobiles that we made of His resources. Why, even this paper where these words are written was made from God’s resources.

Yet so many people- and its everywhere, outside and even inside the church- sometimes hold back from what God deserves. And it is not that He needs our money, but it is our attitude about money that He truly is wanting to adjust. For money is only a tool, but needs to be used rightly.

When people understand the goodness of God and have a personal relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus, then and only then will money and His resources be handled more faithfully concerning what and who is really important.


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