This is not a new kind of religion. It has been around almost as long as the word “religion” itself. It is not a branch of another of God’s work, but that of human nature. You see, God made what we consider religion, and by His covenants of being all we need it if we will choose to follow His ways; then living can have a much fuller purpose.

But we have flesh that wants its way and wants to be pampered. So for that to happen, the areas that are hard for people to live by, God’s covenant has to be softened up. That’s where troubles begin. Some here and there begin to make changes that seem to make more human sense instead of God’s covenant.

Now problems will not just continue but also grow in magnitude as God’s covenant ways are exchanged for people’s newer rules and policies. Now they have softened those hard places in God’s Word to help them better navigate through life, or so they think.

They now see they can be freer with their lifestyles, going more where they want, experiencing new relationships, acting out their wildest dreams, and treating others for their own benefit the way they need to.

Then what comes along to help this is then in the area of authority- taking the people’s position by twisting the words of God’s covenant agreement to make the people happy and tolerant of the lifestyles in the day in which they live and explain that the covenant of God’s Word really has a different meaning for today than in other days past. So we now have a soft religion.

But just because it changes God’s covenant message doesn’t mean it changes God, and then the people will have to deal with their changes like what we are seeing happen today. For only the blessings of the covenant depend solely on obeying the conditions of God’s covenant. Period!


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