The Old Testament had what was called the Levitical Laws that were standards or guidelines for God’s people to live by. They were told that certain foods or practices would be considered okay- or not okay- for them to partake in as children of God. They were to set themselves apart from others that did such things.

When Jesus came in the New Testament, He did not do away with the law but fulfilled it by living the life and showing people how they could. Jesus gave us a new covenant to live above the unclean things, not being forced to do so but to live out of obedience because of our love for God.

Now today the same clean or unclean things are before us. For as a true child of God, we are expected to live a clean life. The world’s dirt will get on us now and then, but we must choose to be clean, and that takes many forms.

Have you ever considered what things in your life are clean or unclean? TV shows, habits, the very type of words we speak, the places we go, what we really think about others, the things we do in secret places…

Every day we are given this choice to be a part of something clean or unclean- a thought, an action, whatever the case.

God knows the real choice we make and why we make it and what will be written down about it in His book of life that will be revealed.


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