If you drive through almost any town of any size in America, you’ll find a good number of churches. Each one will most generally have a different name on their sign of various denominational beliefs or fellowship affiliation. To those that attend church this all makes sense because that is the way they believe; but to those that don’t go to church, what do they think?

Is it that these people can’t get along, or does someone teach different rules than the other? Both are true somewhat. Some churches are started because of church dissension in another church. And there are churches that have different doctrinal beliefs according to that group’s interpretation of the Bible. And some just like to be different.

Regardless, there must be truth, the fact that there is only one God, named Yahweh by Israel. That there is only one Savior, named Jesus, God’s Son, and there are no others. That there is only one way to eternal life through Jesus and His blood, shed on a cross for the forgiveness of all mankind’s sin and only by mankind’s repentance of their sin. Because of Jesus and His finished work on the cross, mankind can be saved from their sins. There’s no other way to heaven.

Now these different church affiliations are the results of people and traditions of mankind’s beliefs. The Bible can only be interpreted one way, God’s way. All other interpretations or changes bring false doctrines that will lead people astray or weaken their position as a Christian and cause them to be ineffective, to an extent. And until Christians believe and trust God’s Word to be true and let go of manmade traditions, they won’t have a much greater influence.

Real church is not limited by people’s natural capabilities nor religious affiliations.


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