Throughout the Bible you will find how the grace of God has sustained people’s lives, and it is by God’s grace that any person today even has the breath of life. When we struggle with people, we should always do our best to extend grace and even err on the side of grace in many decisions we make toward others.

But, as with many things that God gives to mankind, in return mankind distorts and twists the good God wants to extend to people. But God never compromises His word, regardless of how people try to change it around to what they think it should be.

Today, especially, the American church is experiencing another one of those many twists of scripture to try and let men and women have a grace that extends far beyond what God allows.

The gift of God’s grace is free, but it is not cheap, and that’s what many try to do with what is called “Hyper Grace,” where people can live together and not be married or have same-sex relationships and believe that God understands; or that someone can have an extramarital relationship but are covered by grace in any of these areas. But that is not the God of the Bible. They think they are getting this OK’d- though God can’t tolerate sin, or else He wouldn’t be God.

God does understand mankind’s ways, but it is still sin according to His Word (and not mine nor a rewritten verse). God is love, but He is also just, and He will have to demand an eternal price for those who think that grace without obedience is going to pass His standards without consequences.


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