Your Love Says It All

How much do you love God? You say that you believe in God, that there is no other. When you die, pretty much everyone wants a preacher to say how much you did and how you believed. Almost everyone who gets married wants a nice church wedding with a preacher making it a wonderful and holy event. But in between all this, afterwards, beforehand, all those places you live in daily…what does your life say?

Where are those values and holy words the rest of one’s life? We can’t tell someone we love them, and most of the time treat them as if we couldn’t care less; but that’s what some people do. Who is going to believe they are loved when the people telling them hardly ever show it?

Love is not much of a word unless you put it into action and give it meaning. Some people ask God to bless their marriage so they will have it in a church, but that doesn’t do anything but get man’s blessings, for God is holy and won’t be mocked with traditions. He always looks at the heart. He made it and knows it. We can’t call God up only when we want to and pretty much leave Him alone the rest of the time. That is not love. No person is going to believe it is, so why would God? And then there is the end of life…some preachers say some nice words, but if you’ve never shown God your love before that day where do you think you’ll be the next?


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