Today all across our nation there is a great call to change laws, to enact legislation to control gun policies, make new rules for school systems, to arm teachers with guns or make stricter rules on who can do this or have that.  Who will be qualified to be able to own a firearm or be allowed to come into a building.  So people march in the streets, get news sources to follow them and record their meetings.  They run to microphones, write all over the internet, get on Facebook, call their legislators, lay down in the streets, hold up signs  and are doing all they can to make their point and get what they want done.  They want change and now.  But will there be?  “NO”.  Why?  Because what 99% are demonstrating for isn’t the problem and 99% won’t address the real issue.

When the American consumer continues to want to feed on the self-indulgence of sinful activity, then sin is going to reign in the society around them.  When we can legalize drugs that are harmful to people and make them accessible, when we have all kinds of occultist type television weekly series that are straight from demonic influence in Hollywood screen writers.  When Americans of all ages can buy video games that kill people, one after another.  Then what do you expect?  A Sunday School Picnic?

No we as Americans are the recipients of what we ask for.  The sinful nature of mankind has a hunger for this type of darkness that invades common sense and destroys minds and leads to personal destruction as well as other people’s lives.  Most Americans have basically rejected God’s Word.  They don’t want to live according to scripture or follow God’s Son, Jesus, and make Him Lord of their lives.  They want to be their own Lord, and look at the results when they do.

Secular humanism is now making greater advancements to shift the culture, to shift American history and remove Christianity more and more from the voice of society.  You can blame this on organizations, politicians or law enforcement or whoever.  It’s not going to change the fact that America, as a nation, is spiritually sick and Jesus Christ is the one and only way to see real change that lasts.  The nation that was founded on God’s Biblical principles has fallen away from its creator, and followed after the fallen god of this world, Satan.  You don’t go and make a new TV show about him.  You reject him.  It is obvious what choices have been made.  We keep rejecting from society, in our schools, courts, and public places the very help we need because somehow we think we’re civilized.  But guess what?  We aren’t. We are failing our children without God’s daily help.

Until sinful hearts of men and women, boys and girls is dealt with by turning to God, then you might as well just wait until we hear of the next shooting or bombing or whatever sin decides to do in people’s lives.


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