God Is Still God

It amazes me today that people who are great theologians of the Bible and many great teachers and preachers of God’s Word still try to explain it and put some spiritual types of fencing around the way God may want to move. But God is still God.

I am also aware that some people don’t want to draw too close to God because of what He may ask them to do or try, for it may cost them something or take them out of their comfort zone. Many groups or organizations of believers try to limit God by saying “only do this and you can’t do that”; or “if you don’t follow these guidelines you’re not really saved”; and even “God did this back in Bible times but He doesn’t do this today”; and yes, even the old familiar statement, “Well, people don’t really understand the Bible like we do.” But remember, God is still God.

If God isn’t capable of doing what He wants, then how do those who say God doesn’t do that today explain people who do those things and have the favor of God on their lives? Evangelist and preachers pray for people dying and they’re healed- and this isn’t a one-time event; or an arm or a leg growing out that was deformed and now whole. This is the same God today as in Bible times. He is not changed, but we try to act like He did. Nobody is going to control God or limit what He can do. We as Christians sometimes become our own worst enemies because we forget…”God is still God.”


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