If you’ve ever worked with flowers or bushes, you have at some point had to break off or trim back for a healthier and better looking growth. Now with trees, that can involve a little more work called pruning, which builds generally stronger branches. Yet sometimes no matter what you do, pruning doesn’t help. There is a more deeply rooted problem.

With fruit trees, of which I have a few, when the fruit overwhelms a limb, I have to put poles up to support them until the fruit can come off. Then there are times when a fruit tree just produces little, if any, and different measures need to be taken. But after a while, if there is no fruit, the reason for the fruit tree becomes almost worthless except for the shade it provides here and there.

There have been rose bushes that have never produced a rose, just a bud, then nothing. After a while, it is time to remove the tree or bush.

The Bible makes it very clear that when a person says they are a Christian but never proves it by any fruit, which God says there must be, it has to be dealt with; and you’ll always find the same problem at the roots: “SIN”!

Here is what Matthew 3:10 says will happen to those: “God’s ax of judgment is poised ready to sever the roots. For every tree that does not produce good fruit will be chopped down and thrown into the fire.”

Your real root system in your life will produce the fruit that God knows is real or fake, good or bad. Let Jesus take the sin out and give you a more fruitful life.


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