I would believe that most of you are familiar with airplanes and that they fly and can travel all over this world with less demands than taking a car to get somewhere.

The airplane can be maneuvered in air space without having to stop at signs or wait for someone else to pass all because they change levels and speeds by the direction of an air traffic controller, people who watch radars and stay in communication with all other air traffic plus weather conditions or air fields available.

Without the controller things quickly can get into great turmoil. This is a good example of how God plays His major part in our lives. God knows exactly what the radar shows from the day we start until we finish, and every moment in between.

God sees what can harm us or help us. He knows the right direction we need to take. He completely understands what needs to happen for us to get from one place to another. God knows what dangers lie ahead of us if we get off course. Only God can see what no man can concerning our lives.

God knows it all and sees the entire big picture, and it’s when we get off course that problems begin- and some can get very serious. Only by letting God direct our lives will we ever make it to eternity in heaven. Any other course we choose of our own will eventually land us in hell.


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