For years this has been brewing for there has been an all out assault on mankind that has been kept at bay but has always gained a little more ground each decade. With each passing period of time the ground has been moving more toward a society that does not want God’s principles.

Since the new century of the 2000s we have seen a substantial move upon people’s lives like never before, challenging their beliefs in what really is important to them. And the results have been falling down the scale of morality until it is now affecting most every other area of human life; sexual perversion, economics, families, people’s attitudes toward others, occult activities, our deep political problems. The list could go on so much more, but you know that I’m talking about.

We can go on and listen to the newscasters and secular talk show hosts give us only partial truths and try to talk their way around the real issue. And that’s just what everyone mostly does.

A few years ago one of our presidential candidates ran by saying the problem is the economy. Stupid. Well, they won on that platform, but the stakes on this societal platform is greater. For now it’s sin-stupid and it has now gotten its hold so strong into so many lives that this great human corruption is finally going to come to a head.

Sin is behind all these problem areas, and the devil controlling mankind’s flesh is bringing this about. Sin has been allowed to get a pass too many times by good people doing nothing, to where now there’s a high price to be paid.

Christ Jesus is the only hope to those who will turn to Him. Those that won’t will have to pay sin’s bill, and it is going to be costly.




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