There are many recorded accounts in the Bible of God stepping into battles to help His own. Places where God actually sent angels to defeat or weaken a great enemy so just a handful of people could win a major battle. There have been accounts of one man defeating 1,000 men.

And the Bible is not the only place where these events have been recorded. Even in wars of the past when soldiers were trapped or outnumbered, suddenly weather patterns would change and they would escape or win a battle- even bullets would go through their clothing but not harm them.

And even without war there have been times where many other people could give accounts of how something happened at just the right moment or someone came by and helped save them from harm.

God’s world is somewhat different than us humans, for God is Spirit and His world is spiritual; and we are greatly affected by spiritual matters. That is where many great battles take place daily covering our lives. There are real spiritual enemies who would like to do us harm all the time, and sometimes do.

But if you belong to God, if you’ve truly placed your life in His hands through Jesus, His son, you have the invisible and maybe sometimes visible warriors close by to help you.

If we will let Him, God will help us. He has great concern for our eternal souls and He will do all He can to help you if you’ll choose to let Him.


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