Whether it is your home, business, or church, there is a level of maintenance that needs to be applied. Unless you do perform maintenance on almost all of your possessions, they will eventually fall into becoming problems instead of their intended usefulness.

Some Christians are terrible at not keeping up with the spiritual matters concerning their lives. They take their Christianity for granted, spend little time with the Bible and even less time in any real productive prayer. And then they wonder why the church is in shambles and not being as effective as it should be.

People may think they live in a Godly nation, on the “Bible Belt.” But it is not so anymore. They have let go of established Christian principles that have been let go so long that now we have a messy type of Christianity.

The maintenance needed now is repentance for not keeping the church what it should be. The Bible says we are to be the head and not the tail end of things, which we have become. We’ve not kept up with the spiritual inter-workings of real prayer, humility and holiness.

Unless the church, and I’m speaking of the Christian people, gets serious about making spiritual repairs, it’s only going to find itself in even more of a spiritual predicament.


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