Sometimes it is difficult for our human minds to understand why God chooses to do things that we would have hoped He would have done differently. There are some people who are no longer in our lives that we miss greatly and would have hoped that they still were, but things and times bring changes.

We don’t always like it but God may know something more about the situation and knew changes needed to be made. We have all lost loved ones that have left a vacuum it seems, at times, in our hearts. But God really does control our very first and last breath.

This world was never meant to be a comfortable place for it is not supposed to be our home. God sets in every life appointed times for growth and changes. But ultimately it is up to us if we are going to accept this and trust God’s greater knowledge or try to operate on our own limited one.

It does bring pain when God has to involve His different plans from ours at times. But God makes all of His decisions according to eternity’s purposes. Life can never be just about us. It has to be about others as well. Our happiness here is not nearly as important as our happiness for eternity.

The Bible is right when it says God’s ways are not like mankind’s ways. God sees far beyond what we ever think we know, and we must trust Him if we are to have peace in any matter we ever will face.


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