Much has changed in our world over the last century. The times always do change because of the ways we live as a people. This can be bad or good depending on such changes.

Twenty five years ago the way of church people was upheld as good. Today, only 20 percent of Americans even go to church. Social issues that went against Biblical teachings were not respected even by those who weren’t church type people. Now, today, we see the church mocked and ridiculed for its beliefs.

For many years those who were preachers were considered honorable and looked up to as moral leaders that helped set standards in living. Today, they are considered by a secular society as stupid, or mocked for their words spoken in truth about this day’s lifestyle.

We are headed for a collision in this world about values that is now challenging the true course of the church of Jesus against forces in society that are going to challenge it.

There is a great turmoil building in the distance and getting closer by the minute, and it will define those that truly are on Christ’s side or think they are. Change always happens, but it may not always be for the best. One thing is for certain, though: it is down to months and weeks now (no longer years). That will challenge what you yourself will stand for.

Jesus said, “Blessed is he who is not offended because of me.”



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