I think of how many who never consider God too much. Could this be you? There will come times when suddenly God will become important. Within an instant, life can change; what seems to be just an ordinary trip to the doctor or the store can sometimes end in drastic changes.

Some people have experienced such times. For others, those times will come. Just how important was it to watch television so much when they tell you that you or someone close to you has only a few days to live? Or how important were those things that you’ve now forgotten that caused you to stay away from church because of other things that mattered more? But now one of your children is lying in a hospital bed dying from an accident and only has hours to live, the doctors say.

There has been, and always will be, many who are called to the hospital to watch a loved one or close friend hover near death and realized how much they’ve missed because other things seemed to be more important. That is when we call for those who really know how to pray to help- and some try to, only to realize they don’t really know how.

Examine your life today. Nothing in this world is more important than your life being in tune with Jesus Christ, the only secure hope we have in this world. Do it today. Don’t wait for that day, which is coming, when you won’t be able to any longer.


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