There is a name to be given to almost any kind of action that is committed. We are now in a day where every problem is a result of some kind of disorder (bio- this or -ism that).  We basically put an excuse on many human behaviors when the bottom line is SIN. The sin nature takes on many forms and has been labeled with many kinds of disorders and treated like it is someone else’s fault. Therefore, somebody gets a “pass.”

Sin is a spiritual sickness that will manifest itself in all kinds of behaviors, and if labeled and treated with some new drug or procedure, nothing is going to change. We are only putting a mask on the face that will remain and won’t change, just be suppressed.

Repentance and a life turned over to Jesus is the only way to put an end to these humanistic activities. Mankind cannot save themselves, no matter what treatment they use, because only God’s remedy can go where no medicine can and where no program can treat. The spirit of any human is evil until it is changed by Jesus. If you don’t let Jesus in then you’ll never be healed or rescued from these problems. Jesus can cure the whole person, and it is a lot less costly than people’s methods.

God can and will take care of any area of any life. All it takes is to give it to Jesus and all will be well.


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