Let’s be honest. Did you spend any time asking God to show you His will for you concerning this day? Or did you just get up, do what you normally do and go on your way?

Today did you take time to ask God what you could do for Him or did you just take off doing what you thought was needed concerning your priorities?

You know God had a plan for you today. He does every day. He has plans that concern assignments for His purposes, but did you even take that into account? Before you got up, God had already arranged your daily activities for His greater purposes. But did you go and re-arrange them for what you thought was best?

God created your life. He gives you your every breath. He has made you for specific reasons and given you abilities. But how much have you used them for Him today? Or did you just live for your own self-interest?

When you began to eat your meal today, did you take time to bless it or to thank God for it, or did you just enjoy it never considering that God made it all possible in the beginning so you could have food.

God made you. Your life is not to be your own. But on this day, what has your conduct said about how you feel toward God?


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