There is probably nothing the personhood of mankind has that is more powerful than our willpower. It can accomplish great feats and extend some days of one’s life. The human will can endure, when aroused, in some pretty tough times. It is the one asset mankind has that belongs to them.

It is this very precious part of the human soul that God is most concerned about. Unless one is truly willing to give it up to another, one’s will is going to rule them for a lifetime.

But the big problem is that this strong nature of the will cannot sustain anyone after their last breath has been breathed. At that point, all control is gone, and then every soul falls into the hands of God, and there it all will depend on just how much of that willpower God had while it was here on earth. It will be too late to make adjustments. Only while we are alive is there still time to change our lives over into God’s hands.

Now, I’m sure some people think that they have done this, yet if many would just do the math, they might find out that the total leans in their favor instead of God’s. You see, God wants all of you or nothing; a truly surrendered life or “no deal.”

Our human independence shouldn’t be taken for granted. It doesn’t give us a license to live how we want. It will cost us eternity away from God if we do.


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