Now here’s an interesting thought. How would one being silent be guilty of sin? Well, for those who confess they’re a Christian and yet never confess it to others or stand up for the things of God, these are those who bring about their silent sin.

It’s no wonder our nation is in the spiritual state it’s in, as well as the multitudes of problems we have. It’s all due to Christian people being silent. In fact, I wonder how one can even be a Christian and not share the principles of Christianity.

This problem of silent sin is a greater problem than you know, for it affects not only today’s culture but most of tomorrow’s culture as well. When Christians remain silent about the ways of God, people chase after other gods who are meaningless, and this brings judgment upon all the people.

Silent sin is a much more dangerous sin than some others because it allows people around us to become disillusioned about how to live or what’s really right and wrong.

Don’t call yourself a Christian if you are not going to share your Christianity or at least support someone who will. We need truth and realness today, and only Christianity has what this world needs.

God is going to get His job done. Jesus said so in Luke 19:40, “I tell you that if those should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.” God will get His plans accomplished, but you’ll have to answer in the end about how you participated with them.


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