I would imagine that every one of us pays some type of insurance premiums each month, quarter or year. It does seem that insurance is required in some form or another basically for protection or other benefits. There are various companies and types of policies. Most all have deductibles and procedures to follow in order to have these types of insurance. Regardless of the policy requirements, the main thing you have to do to retain the insurance is to pay your premiums. Unless you do this, any type of insurance will eventually be cancelled.

So why do some think that they can use God as an insurance that they have a right to but never really accept the terms of His policies. Some people believe that they have this assurance of insurance with God, that they are entitled to it but yet never keep up their premiums. They think that at the end of their lives they are going to just simply receive all the benefits from a policy that they’ve never paid into- a policy they only noticed when they wanted to and only when they had the time. Yet they believe that regardless of how they’ve lived life, God’s just going to say, “It doesn’t matter”.

Well, it does matter! And I wonder just how many haven’t and won’t collect because they never really invested!


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