Isaiah 49:2 says, “In the shadow of His hand, He has hidden me, and made me a polished shaft. In His quiver He has hidden me.”

The quiver held the arrows to protect them and have them ready, available when needed.

What does God find when He reaches into the quiver concerning you?

Some want to stay in the quiver. It’s safe there, but you can do no good by staying.

Do we sometimes fight it so that we don’t have to be used because it is inconvenient; or maybe something is going to be required of our ability, resources or time?

What does God feel when He reaches for you? What does He see when He pulls you out?

Does He find a straight, polished shaft, a sharp point; or still a practice arrow or one that is not worthy to be used?

When God tries to use you, how do you fit in His bow? How straight will you be able to be shot into His place and purpose?

Does God find one of His that will go straight toward the target, or will it bend against the resistance it faces?

Only the one He handles often can He trust to His desired places, the target He selects.

Some try to do it all, to be the bow and the arrow. But it will only fly true when allowed to be used in the Master’s hands.

Much testing is required to get the polish just right on the arrow’s shaft, and some grinding as the blade of the arrow is sharpened.

When the arrow won’t fly straight, there must be a time of mending and more polishing if the arrow is to ever be used again.

You can paint it up or dress it fancy, but that will not make it effective. Only by the polishing will it ever be used and hit the target the master selects.

Many arrows have gone astray and have even been lost because they would not stay polished and ready.

Most of the arrows never get passed the practice stage, for they don’t want to be used enough. In the battles of life, they land all over, never really making an impact for real victory.

Some become so rusty that they no longer leave the quiver, nor are polished or sharpened. Therefore, they’re disregarded by the Master Bowman.

Many miss the mark set before them because they would not be polished or even remain in the quiver long enough to be prepared for their targets.

Polishing for the Master’s Quiver is required every day if you are ever to be used as God’s arrow into this world that needs to encounter the power from His hand.


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