There is an interesting story told in the Bible- three times in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke- where Jesus sent His disciples to go and untie and bring to him a young colt for Jesus to ride into Jerusalem.

I find it interesting that this colt is tied up, and Jesus said if anyone asks, “Why are you doing this?” just say that the Lord has need of him. So they did, and the owners let them take the colt for Jesus to ride on.

I see a correlation here of what Jesus asks all of us at times. You have ownership of some possession or you have places in your own life that you like having control of, and Jesus sends along someone who says to you, “The Lord has need of it.” Then what do you say? “That belongs to me,” “That is my property” or “I possess this, and I want to keep it.”

I’m sure that many times daily the Lord puts you in this position, and what have you been saying? Just how possessive are you of your money, time and hundreds of other resources the Lord wants to use that you won’t give Him?

Until you are willing to be like those that let the colt go when Jesus had need of it, you’ll find that your own personal captivity of your possessions will be nothing more than a hindrance in your own life journey and also many others as well.


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