There is only one God and there is no other, the Father of all.  He’s my Father who has created it all and still holds the title to it all.  My Father is real, who has full authority over every living creature for my Father is the God of life.  There is none greater for my Father rules the universe.

Whatever I face, my Father is fully aware of it and He chooses the time and place where He will intervene for His knowledge is vast and cannot be understood by man’s reasoning concerning all that concerns me.  Whatever my life may have to face, whatever crosses my path, my Father has already been ahead of me and dealt with it and purposed for me to face it in that moment.

No other father can do what my heavenly Father is able to do.  No battle is too great, no situation too overwhelming that my Father can’t handle for me and get me through.  He has greater purposes concerning me than I know.  He has never left me alone, even when I tried to shun Him.

He has always understood me like nobody else can and He has always been about a greater work concerning my future.  My Father is afraid of nothing.  He is holy.  He is righteous.

This world and all it contains rest right now in the palm of His mighty hands.  My Father is fair and shows no favoritism to those who belong to Him.

He gives me much help.  He sent His Son, Jesus, to show me and others how to live as one of His true children and my Father left us His Holy Spirit, who now walks with me daily leading in my Father’s ways and keeping me on the path to my eternal home where my Father waits for me.

“Friend, how well do you know your True Father?”


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