No matter who we are or what we have done, God still loves us. He will pardon us by forgiving us of any sin we have confessed and have truly repented of having committed it. Get serious with God about sin, confession, forgiveness and change, and He will then get serious with you about living your life for Him.

When Jesus is truly allowed in our lives, we truly change. His Holy Spirit lives within us to help us at every point in life. Nothing is too difficult for God.

  • He can provide more than we desire – His thoughts are bigger than ours.
  • He knows the best path for us to take.
  • He is more dependable than anyone on earth.
  • He can do exceedingly and abundantly beyond our dreams – He knows us better that we know ourselves.

There is nothing that God doesn’t have an answer for. He is never caught off guard or surprised by any incident and is always ready with the right answer to every conceivable question or thought we have.

Proverbs 8:22 says, “God created wisdom himself…” So God is the first source of all the answers in life. He has given us the Bible to instruct us and His Son, Jesus, as the perfect example and connecting point between us and salvation. He also gives us eternal life in heaven – heaven made not by man, but by God for you.


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