Have you ever wondered why some people don’t want to become a Christian? What might make them have no interest in an experience of a life with Christ, is it by what they see in those that say they are a Christian?

Maybe there’s some truth to it. Let’s look at some of those reasons.

Could it be that, as we are driving down the road that suddenly a car passes us with the “fish” sign of the Christians on their bumper as they drive 80 miles per hour and pass us as we’re in a 60 miles per hour speed zone?

Or could it be while we’re sitting in a parking lot that two people pull up in a pickup with a big cross on their tailgate? These two people both have cigarettes hanging out of their mouths, wearing T-shirts with skulls and skeletons on them- the symbols of death- plus they’re having an argument in front of others.

Well, maybe it could be two people living together as married, but not, and attending church each week?

Well then, maybe it could be a man and a woman that walk into a movie theatre on a Saturday night to watch a show that totally defiles the things of God, takes His names in vain repeatedly during the two-hour show and has constant sexual content, yet the same man and woman are sure to get up the next morning and go to church as if nothing is wrong?

Or how about a husband and wife next to their neighbor who screams at their spouse or children, so every other neighbor hears those words?

Or could it be…well, you get the picture. So what weakens a Christian’s testimony? Not acting like one, that’s what.


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