Many people are way too timid when it comes to doing what the Lord needs them to do, but think on this…

When you obey God, great things are taking place in the heavenlies.  God does not see as a man does, nor does He act as a human does.  Even the smallest thing that you do for Him has great significance in the kingdom of God.  There is spiritual significance for your life.

Many times you are called to do things which appear foolish, unreasonable and insignificant in the eyes of man.  But when you obey God, great things are taking place in the heavenlies.

Nations are being marked, families are being saved, spiritual barriers are being broken and the kingdom of God is being pushed forward.

You need to know that nothing you do is insignificant.  Don’t worry about the end result of what you are led to do.  Just do what the Holy Spirit told you to do.  And one day, when we are together with Jesus, we will understand the importance of our obedience to God.

You’ll never understand the real person you are or could be until you are willing to let God be real with you.

Let your life be used for God’s eternal purposes so that greater things will be done.




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