Now I know this sounds different, but read the rest. It all comes from (familiar to some) an account in the Bible in the book of Judges. It is the story of a supernaturally strong man named Samson, who was to deliver God’s people from oppression by their enemies.

As a boy, Samson was set aside to be a servant of God. His hair was not to be cut. This signified God’s powerful connection to Samson’s purpose and no one was stronger. But eventually Samson was seduced to give up his powerful connection between him and God. Samson lost his powerful strength yet, in the end of it all while his enemies made fun of him, his hair re-grew and his strength returned to triumph over more enemies at his life’s end than when he began.

This is a picture of today’s church. God chose to make a covenant with those that would be His, but many have forfeited their position to where now the evils of this world seem to be winning. But this is about to change.

There are those of God’s church today that again God is allowing their spiritual strength to return, and there is a battle spiritually being fought. Hell seems to think it is winning, but here, at the end, the church that’s built on Jesus is going to have the final say. And even though it may not look as pretty as when it started, it’s going to have even more of an effect on people than ever before.

The real church is going to have the last word in this world.


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