In this world, truth is becoming more diluted; and we are, if you’ll be honest, seeing a great downgrading affect of our culture. From deception to immorality, society is in big trouble. It’s nothing new. It has happened before, but the key is the way it is happening.

The eroding of morality, our arrogance, is setting us up for interesting times. We will be visited with times like we’ve never known ourselves, but others have.

You see, the Bible is a road map, a mirroring of things that have happened and will again. All that changes is the times, places and people involved. Good or bad, the Bible shows every person what has happened and can happen and will happen.

We’re given choices on how we should respond. Some will heed these and some will continue to do as they please. The outcome of people’s decisions determines their future and what they’re going to receive because of what they’ve chosen.

The Bible will show each person their future by the way they decide to live today and what they’re going to get in the days ahead of them, good or bad.

Your choices will determine what you’ll receive. If you will read and take a good look at what God’s Word says, you’ll see yourself in the mirror of His Word, and you’ll see how you measure up to it.


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