There is only one God. His name is Yahweh. There is no other true God, and He has given us instructions about how to live from His words in the Bible. God has said that He will use His people to change the world. His has referred to His people as His Church, and His people have organized themselves as the Church.

Now this can be a good thing in places of getting missions work organized and some structure to expand God’s Kingdom on this earth. But have we gone too far by causing our churches to become organizations that either exclude or include by our own doctrinal beliefs?

There is nothing wrong with doctrine. It does help guide us if it is truly of God’s Word. But have we mixed man’s ideas in with it so much that it has become so tainted that its rules and regulations, laws or ordinances are established more by man than by God’s Word? The only true way anyone can know truth is to know all of God’s Word and be led by the Holy Spirit that was given to mankind to guide us in truth.

The Church today and its people could be the most powerful force in the world; however, it isn’t. Probably because we have allowed some church doctrines to become political, and the power of God’s Word is not being established. God’s people could change the outlook of society, but, I’m afraid, we’ve allowed society to change the true purpose of the Church. The Church has elected too many ungodly leaders and allowed ungodly behavior until they are having less and less impact than they should.


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