A Dollar for the Lord

He arrived at church this Sunday with his new set of clothes, his nice new shoes and a nice clean car.

When the offering plate was passed he had several bills and gave one of them, a dollar, for God’s work to win the world for Christ. Why only the day before when he went to wash his car he spent just the same a dollar just like the one he gave the Lord.

After church he went to a restaurant to eat. The meal was fine and when the waiter brought the bill it was for $17.00, so he gave the waiter a twenty and said the rest was a tip, $2.00 more than he gave to the Lord just that morning. The man went on his way enjoying the glorious day his Lord had made; the master of the universe who put the stars in the sky.

Yes, it was a grand day he’d been to the Lord’s house, prayed, sang and even left a dollar beneath the $10.00 bill that the old poor couple gave.

How about you?  The same God that gives the very air you breathe today, or the ability even to be alive today, who gave much to you in so many ways, just how much do you give back in return?  Or do you just tip Him.  Believe me, there is an accounting kept.


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