The day we live in is becoming more and more interesting as to what the future holds concerning any of us. The Bible says that there is nothing new under the sun. Therefore, that means our generation of people and leaders continue to somewhat go in cycles. Just the age of the centuries and styles make things that reoccur look different. But they’re really not.

Today we live like no day before. We are getting so very close to the return of Christ to this earth. This point in time is very different because God is preparing to change things overnight. He’s going to get the final showdown with evil dealt with once and for all.

Enough Bible prophecy has come to pass that it will now only take a spark here or there in the world and the greatest transfer of events will begin. There is too much at stake, too many souls hanging in the balance, not to tell you to examine your life. Is it one that is pleasing to God?

Have you really surrendered your life to Christ Jesus? Have you truly been born of God, living a life of true obedience to Him? Or do you just think you are? There is too much at stake to be wrong in this day.


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