How do most people live? Where are their values? Personally, what do you consider to be the most important things? Everybody has their own opinion, but that’s different from facts.

For instance, lots of people try to explain the Bible, but really it explains itself. Basically, it all just depends if we want to follow its ways or maybe change them to something else if you think it doesn’t apply to you and me. We can try to change the Word’s meanings, but that doesn’t mean they change.

Like, for instance, salvation. Some people say it’s easy to live a changed life, but it is not. God has some real work to do on some of us. Some say all one has to do to be saved is ask Jesus to come into your heart. But that is not found in the Bible.

Only by repentance, and no other way; not just being sorry for our sins. Jesus said that nobody is going to be saved unless He draws them. You don’t get to choose the time you want to be saved. Only when Jesus knows when you’ll truly repent and change and turn from your sinful ways- not when you decide, but when He knows you’re ready and really are going to change.

Only by true repentance and the drawing of the Holy Spirit can this happen. That’s why the scripture says: seek and you shall find. Or, repent and you shall be saved- and He knows when that will be.


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