Could you say that you truly know or are a holy person, one that has been seasoned by God and full of the spiritual ways of God’s Kingdom?  In the book of Daniel there was such a one.  The book of Daniel was named after him.  Daniel was able to know how to tell kings about the meaning of the times because Daniel walked with God and lived a life closer to God than anything or anybody on earth.

So when great trials would arise and other so-called wise men couldn’t understand the meaning of the times, they would get Daniel. And he would give, accurately, what it all meant.

Daniel was given authority, yet he never sought after it.  Only doing God’s will was his purpose.  In Daniel chapter 5, there is the story of a hand writing a message on the wall to the king.  No one could understand it until the Queen said, “There is a man in your kingdom in who is the Spirit of the Holy God” (verse 11).

My question to you, do you know a holy person, one you could trust to give you advice from God?  Is there such a person in your life?  There should be.  This world is changing and now, more than ever, you need to know such people.  There aren’t many, as some think.  But there are some.  Search them out, listen to their words.  For one day soon you, along with this world, are going to need them as never before.


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