For those who can, and have the money, they invest it. They buy stocks in companies through brokers. They invest in the future growth of business. Some take a more cautious view and buy certificates of deposit and draw interest on their money that’s loaned out to others. Some buy property to sell later.

Why, even those that don’t have the funds to invest still do on a different scale by buying lottery tickets or gambling at casinos, trying to make a windfall. But there are always more losers than winners.

It’s amazing that many of these are church folks and good citizens. Yet, if they really want return investment on their money, possessions, family and lives, they’d invest in the only sure thing, the Kingdom of God. It is the only investment that has already established unlimited riches in the end.

But the reason many won’t invest in God’s Kingdom investments is they want their returns now, not in another Kingdom. But by investing in the world, you are investing in a crumbling kingdom, one that is changing. To buy heavenly stock, you are buying into heavenly benefits that no other can make. God Himself is the rewarder and distributor of the real wealth to be had for eternal life.

So many people need to know about this stock, but there are few investors. In the end, the dividends of heavenly things will greatly surpass earthly investments.


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