You want to know about the power of words? They can have much more strength than muscles ever can. How you speak the words that come out of your mouth, according to Proverbs 18:22, can speak life and death. Anyone who has spoken much knows that there is a lot of truth behind this statement. Words shape lives and destroy them as well.

How you choose the words you say can spark a great discussion or cause others to just withdraw and become quiet. Our choice of words says a lot about who we are, and they reveal what we think. They speak of what our morals are and the more we say, the more it shows our true character.

Some people say a lot by not speaking many words but by the quality of the placement of their words. Words can get us in a lot of trouble or can heal some very deep wounds. We need to be very careful with the words we speak.

To find out how to make people commit sin, the devil knows how to locate what we are thinking by the words we are saying, giving him the opportunity to trip us up and commit sinful acts against our Creator, God, and against others.

Be careful. Only God, the one who gave us the ability to talk, really knows what we need to be saying. Anything else that is said by us can, in the end, condemn even our eternal souls.


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