All of us are familiar with tools. There are many different ones and each serves its own purpose in getting its portion of a job done.

This can also happen, at times, as God uses tools of a different variety to touch people’s lives one way or another. Some people need help but don’t know how to go about getting it the right way. God does. Therefore, He may use different events to affect that person or others connected to that person to accomplish His greater purpose.

Sometimes we experience certain things for the benefit of someone else, that God’s plan might be worked out.

Now we all have a freedom of the will to reject God’s plans by using our lives in one form or another. But regardless, God will still work on His projects. The problem, then, is what will it cost us if we decide not to participate with God’s ways in a matter that He wanted us to be one of His tools to use.

We might find ourselves just stored out of the way because we refuse to participate in matters that we are not comfortable with. God will help us from His workmanship that in all reality will help make us into a much better person, a more useful tool.

Be careful in drawing away from the Master’s hand when in it the greater good can be done, and you will benefit in ways greater than your own.



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