You need to know that God has a plan, but my question is, “Do you”? God has a plan for people, everyone in the world. Do you, or just people you want to be around? God has a plan to see the world change for His purpose; what’s your plan for the way the world goes- or do you create your own world? God has a plan for every step you take, but do you have plans to alter your steps to walk as you want to?

God has a plan to see you succeed, to be a certain person for specific reasons. Yet do you set plans for your own success, for your own personal reasons? Before you were ever born, God had a plan for your future and until the end of your life here on earth. But have you inserted your plans to direct your own future? God has a plan to never bring you harm, but to give you purpose. But have your plans brought you disappointment? Do you feel, at times, that you’ve lost your way because you’ve interfered with God’s plans?

God has plans for you because He knows you. God has never changed His thoughts toward you, for His plans are irrevocable. So God still has a plan, and it will still work out if you will give your plans to Him. He can change them into a more satisfied life and plans for your well-being forever.


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