If there ever was a time in this land where there is such a need for leadership, it is today. Not just any leaders; leaders with principles and who will stick to them. Many of today’s leaders are hirelings that are mouthpieces for those with agendas, not with the good of the people in mind. People want to control and to manipulate. The Bible refers to this as witchcraft.

Today’s technology age puts pressures on leadership like never before, and it has crept into the church. There is hardly found a statesman who will stand for what’s right, but we have an abundance of politicians. Some Christian leaders have allowed secular thinking and methods run God’s work, and He’s left it to them for He’s no longer there.

Today’s leaders, at all levels, need guidance from God’s Holy Spirit- not the latest opinion poll or the most influential group that can pressure their way into decisions. The Bible tells us in 2 Chronicles 16:9, “The eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.” Leaders need the wisdom of God and know how to use it. This world is on a course of sure changes coming that most of us are not going to like.

God needs men and women who will choose who they are going to serve. The day is coming when we’ll have to choose one side or the other.

To violate the God-ordained principles that America was founded on is to invite certain disaster. Society’s great deficit lies in our rejection of the Christian principles this nation was founded upon. We’ve gone too far now. We are going to have to pay for allowing the gap to widen between God’s way and man’s way. The question now is what will be the total cost?



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